Are you interested in becoming part of this excellent organization?

YOU can become a part of history by joining the CAF and the Golden Gate Wing! You don't need pilot's wings, military service, or mechanical abilities to join and take part in this important historical service organization. We encourage you to attend one of our dinner meetings to see what we're all about!

With full membership, you become a Colonel in the CAF. You are entitled to participate fully in the all activities of the CAF and the Wing. You receive the CAF's monthly enewsletter called On the Fly and the CAF monthly color magazine Dispatch. As a non-profit organization, the dues are tax deductible.

There are several options available for membership in the Commemorative Air Force. From a full regular or life member to associate membership as well as a Cadet Program which makes it possible for youth and students aged 13 through 23 to join and participate with the CAF. You must join BOTH the Commemorative Air Force AND the local Golden Gate Wing chapter to become a member. You should also remember to renew both memberships each year.

The annual dues for full membership are:
Annual Dues, CAF (Main Headquarters) $200.00/year (Full Colonel), $75.00/year (Supporting Member), $45.00/year (Cadet)
Annual Dues, Golden Gate Wing (Local Chapter) $50.00/year

How to Join:

Clicking the button below will bring you to the CAF Headquarters join form:

Become a CAF Colonel!

After submitting that form, please return here to fill out the Golden Gate Wing Join form which will complete the membership requirements:

Become a Golden Gate Wing Member!

For further description of all the CAF Membership options click here. Thank you! And welcome to an exciting world of historic aircraft and helping to keep 'em flying!