Golden Gate Wing Guest Speaker Archive

Presentation Date: November 16, 2017

Dr. Captain Alexander Rogerson, US Army

                             Unedited bio text as provided by Gil Ferrey:

Born in 1922 in Milton, MA on the East Coast, Dr. Roberson completed his undergrad premed studies at Harvard before being drafted into the US Army.  When the Army recognized that he had already been admitted to Medical School at Harvard, he was pulled out of basic training and sent to Harvard to commence his studies.   When the Korean War commenced in 1950, Dr. Captain Rogerson was sent to Ft. Ord, CA where he was placed in charge of the Pediatric Clinic, which delivered one -third of all children in the Monterey Area.

Captain Rogerson spent a total of five and one-half years in the Army, and refused a promotion to Major after hearing that if he refused it, he would not be able to continue in the US Army Reserves.

He joined the Berkeley Pediatric Medical Group, where one of his partners was our children's' pediatrician.

He served on various Boards and Advisory Groups in hospitals and research organizations in the Bay Area, wrote a book about his thoughts on the current state of our healthcare industry, and only stopped teaching at age 85.