Golden Gate Wing Guest Speaker Archive

Presentation Date: February 26, 2015

Ying Lee

Ying was born in Shanghai, China in 1932.

During World War II, in 1944 she left Japanese-occupied Shanghai for Chungking.

From Chungking, she traveled to Kunming, then over the Himalayas to Calcutta, India.

From Calcutta, she went by ship to Bombay, India, onward to Australia, and finally to San Pedro, California.

Self-supported her way through UC Berkeley in five years.

Taught in Berkeley Unified School District 1963 - 1983.

Elected to and served on the Berkeley City Council 1973 - 1977.

Worked for Congressman Ronald V. Dellums 1983 - 1998.

Legislative Director, Congresswoman Barbara Lee 1998 - 2000, then retired.

Served as Trustee for the Berkeley Public Library.

Volunteer with Grandmothers Against War and Save Our Berkeley Post Office.