Golden Gate Wing Guest Speaker Archive

Presentation Date: September 25, 2014

David Ringler and Ed Daley

David Ringler - Executive Director

- A life-long aerospace enthusiast.

- Long involvement with public and private foundations, including McKesson Corporation in San Francisco.

- Founded, helped manage, or served on several corporate boards during a management career in Bay Area high tech companies.

- Journalism degree in science writing.

- Served as Communications/Asst. Navigation officer on a U.S. Navy destroyer; one Vietnam tour.

- A co-founder of the Patriots Jet Team Foundation.

Ed Daley -- Director, Aerospace Academy

- A pilot with 27,000+ hours in aircraft ranging from the F-105 Thunderchief with 143 missions in Vietnam to DC-6s and -7s to the Boeing 747-400 with United Airlines.

- Ed's final assignment with United was as Chief of Pilots for the SFO base, with 1,800 pilots.

- NASA-trained space shuttle pilot and A&P mechanic.

- Co-founder of the Patriots Jet Team and Patriots Jet Team Foundation.

- Ed played the lead role in assembling the Jet Team's six L-39 jets from crates with Russian instructions.