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Presentation Date: February 25, 2010

Aviation Historian LARRY RINEK

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LARRY RINEK, Aviation Historian, Lecturer, Author, Senior Consultant PowerPoint slide show presentation, with expert commentary, about the Convair F-106 "Delta Dart” supersonic jet interceptor * BS - Industrial Engineering and MBA - Marketing, both at UCLA. * Active member of American Aviation Historical Society, Aircraft Engine Historic Society, Wings of History, Society for Aviation History … * Part-time university-level instructor in aeronautical engineering, including Stanford University * Places emphasis on USA aviation technology innovation, particularly aero- Propulsion and USAF Cold War-era aircraft * Began lengthy career in aerospace industry: NASA's Jet Propulsion Labs; Menascos’ Burbank aircraft landing gear; USAF- Los Angeles AFS * Presently a Senior Consultant for Frost & Sullivan for Automotive & Transport- ation segment as well as the Aerospace and Defense segment * Authored ~ 20 scholarly publications, many about the early development of American aviation technology Larry will present a short video clip of the Mach 2.3 Delta Dart in action, then a lively, fascinating PowerPoint slide show, including many aircraft images and insights about the famous Delta Dart which served America for nearly 40 years. The F-106, successor to the F-102 Delta Dagger, had one mission—intercepting and destroying airspace intruders, especially Soviet bombers. It also carried nuclear-tip air-to-air missiles. A highlight will be an exploration of a highly unusual true incident, involving a “rogue” F-106A performing amazing feats after the pilot bailed-out from a flat spin. Larry will have a well-detailed scale model of the F-106 for demonstration.