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Presentation Date: November 20, 2008

William T. Larkins USAAF

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William T. Larkins, AAF Photographer and Author, born March 1922, Bakersfield, CA. Graduate of University of San Francisco '43, 3 years in AAF in WW2 (graduate of AAF Photography School at Lowry Field), 3 years in Calif ANG, 31 years Audio-Visual Specialist and Administrative Assistant, University of California Berkeley. Founder, Member No 1 and first editor of American Aviation Historical Society Journal. Bill has been photographing aircraft continually since 1934 and has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1930. Bill will discuss the WWII Aircraft scrapings, the planning and strategy behind it and show us many pictures from his photo collection taken at local Bay Area airports. Salvaging WWII airplanes was the catalyst for the beginnings of the Confederate Air Force in 1957!